Managing Your Account

Create an online account

Get quick and easy 24-hour access to your account for bill payments and manage your account without added fees.  Sign up for Auto Pay using a Credit Card or make a one-time payment. Track your balance, due date, consumption, bill history, and payment history. Create your online account here!  You must have your account number and last payment.  

Payment Options

Office Drop-off and Night Deposit
100 S Weston Street
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

We accept cash,  paper checks, money orders, and credit or debit cards.

Accepted cards: Visa | Discover | Master Card | American Express

24hr  Phone Payment

Phone: 864-862-0042
After Hours Phone: 864-860-2888

24hr Online Payment

Need to pay your bill in a jiffy?
Click here for a QUICK PAY one-time payment.

Paperless Billing

Simplify and cut the clutter when you go paperless with FING e-Bill.
Receive an email reminder when your statement is ready to be viewed online and easy access to your billing statements for up to four(4) years. 

Third-Party Disclaimer For Payments

Fountain Inn Natural Gas is not responsible for third-party payment transactions. All payments that are not made directly on our site is not guaranteed payment. The payment processing will be subject to the payment processor's terms, conditions, and privacy policies. Fountain Inn Natural Gas does not represent you if you enter into a transition with a third party. Fountain Inn Natural Gas is not responsible for fees charged by a third party. Any payment not received by the due date is subject to penalties. The privacy and security policies of the sites may differ from those of Fountain Inn Natural Gas.

Beware of websites that offer bill payment services.

Payment services often charge fees while payments are not made or credited to Fountain Inn Natural Gas for several days or even weeks. We are not responsible for the delay of payment from payment services.

Equal Payment Plan (EPP) Enrollment

Make bills more predictable by paying the same amount each month. Sign up before April for EPP. Must have 12 months of payments and good payment history. To submit a request to enroll, please complete the form

Schedule of Fees & Charges

  • Returned check fee $35
  • Meter Tampering Fee $200
  • Service Call Fee $35
  • After Hours Service Call Fee $70
  • Delinquent Account Fee $85 added at 8 am on the morning of cut off
  • No reconnections 2 hours before closing

If your account is cut off for non-payment, the full balance is owed to be reinstated.

If the cut-off date is on a Monday, payment must be paid before noon on that Friday. Checks will not be accepted for payment on the day of cutoff.