What to do if you have a gas leak

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

Call us immediately at 864-862-0042

Natural gas smells like rotten eggs. Some signs of a gas leak include:

  • Blowing or hissing sound
  • Dust blowing from a hole in the ground
  • Continuous bubbling in wet or flooded areas
  • A spot of dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area

Fountain Inn Natural Gas is a part of your community. As your neighbors, we know it is important for everyone to be informed and know how to respond in case of a natural gas emergency. We work closely with public fire and safety officials to promote natural gas safety. We routinely provide prevention education and training at least one a year, to inform local officials on how to respond in the event of a natural gas emergency.


If You Smell Gas:

Call us immediately at 864-862-0042 and:

  • Do Not try to find or stop the leak
  • Do Not smoke
  • Do Not use lighters or matches
  • Do Not turn any switches or appliances off OR on
  • Do Not use a phone or cell phone
  • Do leave the area, and go to a safe location without operating a vehicle then call Fountain Inn Natural Gas at 864-942-8100 or 911 to report the suspected leak