Quail Run Yard Waste Trial

Quail run1

The Quail Run Neighborhood is selected as the first in the city to participate in the new yard waste collection program.

Leaves, brush, and other yard waste is always a hassle for homeowners during the fall season. The yard waste program is designed to ensure that you spend less time cleaning up yard waste and more time doing things you love!

Three easy steps to begin taking advantage of this program:


Step 1: Sign Up

Since this program is not open to the whole city yet, sign-up is needed.

You can fill out the Quail Run Sign Up Form or contact Fountain Inn Public Works at 864-409-3310 or public.works@fountaininn.org.

The City of Fountain Inn will deliver your cart for FREE! This roll cart will look just like your trash and recycling cart, but brown.

Step 2: Fill Your Brown Cart!

As leaves fall and you start to trim your yard, place the yard waste in your cart. Roll the cart to the curb the same day as your normal pickup and we will do the rest!

If you have extra leaves, that's no problem! Just place them in paper bags next to your cart, and we will pick those up too!

If you have branches that will not fit in your cart but are less than six feet long and six inches in diameter, stack them neatly at the curb, and schedule for us to pick them up!


Step 3: Relax and Enjoy Your Yard!