Why Fountain Inn?

Fountain Inn takes great pride in providing the perfect balance of high-tech manufacturing and small-town charm.

Our city has a vibrant downtown area bustling with restaurants and shops, fantastic outdoor recreation, award-winning cultural arts, and music performances, and family-friendly events throughout the year.

Check out this piece by Greenville Business Journal!

As the fasted growing region in the country, Fountain Inn offers a young, diverse, educated, and thriving local community. The metropolitan area of Upstate South Carolina has over 1.46 million residents and an available labor force of over 686,000.

The City of Fountain Inn, Greenville County, and Laurens County are eager to partner to develop existing businesses and attract new businesses to Fountain Inn. Investments made by these public sector partners are based on an anticipated return to the community.

City of Fountain Inn Economic Development Incentive Program.

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Advantages of South Carolina

The State of South Carolina administers corporate income and sales and use taxes. Counties and Municipalities control property taxes. South Carolina incentive legislation provides the ability for both state and local government to incent business and industry when new jobs are created, and new investment occurs. Workforce training incentives and special financing incentive programs are also available in South Carolina.

South Carolina consistently ranks as one of the least unionized states in the nation. We are a right-to-work state, which prohibits the existence of closed union shops, maintenance of membership clauses, preferential hiring, and any other stipulations mandating union membership This enhances the ability of all employers to operate non-union facilities.

Read more about the South Carolina Department of Commerce Service Incentives and Manufacturing Incentives.