• Vent-Free Fireplaces – Freestanding

    A vent-free gas-heating appliance operates without a chimney, flue or vent, so you can install one just about anywhere. Key points:

    • They’re 99.9% efficient.
    • They have low operating costs.
    • They provide warmth during power outages and localized comfort to rooms that are hard to heat.
    • They are design certified and tested to meet the latest national safety standards.
    • Over 10 million homes in America use vent-free gas heating. Worldwide, usage exceeds 45 million homes.
    • Vent-free gas heating is the number one source of supplemental heat.
  • Gas Logs

    We carry a large supply of various makes and models of vent-free gas log sets to include:

    • Realfyre
    • Majestic
    • Vantage Heart
    • Peterson
    • And many more...
  • Gas Grills

    We carry Broilmaster Grills, for your every grilling need.

    • Broilmaster
  • Vent-Free Gas Heaters

    Save on home heating costs with a vent-free natural gas radiant heater. Radiant heaters heat objects in the room before heating the air. They are ideal for use in a bathroom or small bedroom. Easy, economical installation with no vent or chimney required. Extremely safe heater features safety pilot with complete automatic shutdown capability. If oxygen levels fall below safe levels, oxygen depletion sensor shuts off gas flow. Best of all, no electricity is needed to light or operate, so it will operate during a power outage. Wall or Floor Mount.

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
    • Compact Design - Mount indoor or outdoor. Space saving design.
    • Water Conservation - Hot water is instantaneous, there is no need to let cold water cycle through. Hot water never runs out. 
    • Digital display shows temperature setting and maintenance codes.
    • Efficient and cost effective. 
    How to relight a water heater pilot light

We offer interest-free financing on gas appliances purchased in our showroom for FING customers.

Pay 20% (or more) down at the time of purchase and place the remaining balance on your monthly gas bill... interest-free for 12 months.

Guidelines and financing options vary, based on qualifications and amount of purchase.

Certain restrictions apply. Ask a customer service representative for more information.