The applicant agrees to pay a fifty dollar ($50.00) non-refundable enrollment service fee and a refundable security deposit which is
determined by a credit check payable upon establishing an account and is levied upon each gas customer identified by account and
meter number. This fee obligates the applicant to observe all rules and regulations that are now and may hereafter be prescribed by the
said city relative to gas service, including the time, method and manner of installing and maintaining equipment, payment of
bills, and discontinuance of service, etc. After twelve consecutive on time payments, the security deposit is credited back to the
customer’s gas account.
Proof of purchase/rental agreement and photo ID is required to establish a new account.

Please Note: According to the Code of Federal Regulation Title 49, Part 192.381 which was made effective January 1, 2010, existing gas
service lines will not be required to have an EFV at this time. However, if the service line should be damaged in the future, and such
damage is near the distribution main and service line transition, an EFV will be installed. All new construction is required to have the
excess flow valve.

Payment is due at the Fountain Inn Natural Gas office before closing on the due date indicated. The due date on the statement is for the
current bill only and does not apply to any previous billing amount due. Previous amounts due are delinquent and gas service is subject
to disconnection. Postal delays do not waive responsibility for timely payment.
Fountain Inn Natural Gas statements include an $8.00 facility charge for each account a customer has established, regardless of
usage amount.

Late Fees: A fee of $3.00 or 5%, whichever is greater, will be added to any account that is not paid by the due date of the bill.

Return Check Procedure: There is a $35.00 NSF fee charge for returned checks. Customers are required to pay with cash, credit card, or
money order for any returned check. If a customer has two (2) returned checks within one year, a check will not be accepted for
payment for the period of one (1) year following the last returned check date. After this period, payment by check will be reinstated.

Third party disclaimer – for payments
Fountain Inn Natural Gas is not responsible for third party payment transactions. All payments that are not made directly on our site is
not guaranteed payment.
The processing of the payment will be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the payment processor.
FING does not represent you if you enter into a transition with a third party.
FING is not responsible for fees charged by a third party. Any payment not received by the due date is subject to penalties.
The privacy and security policies of the sites may differ from those of FING.

Delinquent account fee:
Delinquent accounts not paid by closing on the business day prior to the cut off date will be assessed an $85 delinquent fee
regardless of cut-off status. If service is off for non-payment and not reconnected by August of same year, the account will be finalized
and sent to the state for collections for set-off.

Set-off Debt Collection: Applicant understands that Fountain Inn Natural Gas System has the right, through the South Carolina Set-off
Debt Collection Act, to collect any amounts due and owed through an offset of applicant’s state income tax refund. Should it be
necessary for Fountain Inn Natural Gas System to pursue debts incurred by applicant through the Set-off Debt Collection Act,
applicant agrees to pay all fees and costs incurred by the Set-off Collection process, including fees charged by the Department of
Revenue, South Carolina Association of Counties, Municipal Association of South Carolina, and Fountain Inn Natural Gas System. Should
Fountain Inn Natural Gas System deem it appropriate to pursue collection of debt through means other than the Set-off Debt Collection
Act, applicant agrees to pay all costs and fees associated with the method of collection as well.

Tampering fee:
If it is discovered a meter has been altered, a $200.00 tampering fee will be charged to the account. Criminal charges may be filed.

Right of Way:Fountain Inn Natural Gas System shall have the right to enter the premises at any reasonable time and without notice for the
purpose of servicing its equipment, reading meters, discontinuing service, removing gas pipe and meters or for any other reason
necessary to conduct its business as a gas distributor. Customer must keep gas meter accessible to Fountain Inn Natural Gas System

Fountain Inn Natural Gas System reserves the right to refuse service to any customer if deemed necessary.